Njugush: Not Loving Myself Is My Biggest Regret


Comedian Timothy Kimani AKA Njugush opened up to Sunday Magazine, a weekly lifestyle pullout by The Sunday Standard about his love life, struggle to the top, fears and his selflessness that almost led to his self-destruction.

“If I could give advice to my younger self, I would say to love myself more. Not doing so is my biggest regret. I wish I had loved myself more. I always cared about other people more than me. You waste so much time, money and emotions on people who do not even care about you. I always wonder what I could have achieved if I had loved myself more back then,” he says.

Phobias – we all have them – even Njugush has them. He is scared, too! And not just of losing fame or fortune.

“My greatest fear is dying without leaving my family a means of support when I am gone, because I know not so many people would be willing to take care of them.”

On his love life

“Besides leaving college with journalism qualifications, I also met the love of my life,” he says of his wife Celestine Ndinda, popularly known as Wakavinye with who they are blessed with an 18-month-old son named Tugi.   “In marriage, you just have to swallow your pride, even if sometimes it gets stuck in your throat. Because despite what happens, you two are stuck together, so you have better be humble and solve issues when they come up,” he says.

I remember the day Tugi was born like it was yesterday. That was the happiest moment of my life. Nothing so far can top that. And when I look at that mini me, I get motivated to work even harder.”