By choice or by chance: TV stars Doreen Majala and Remmy Majala are namesakes

Remmy Majala and Doreen Majala are namesakes with mutual interests in broadcast journalism


Many online conversations about ‘Majala’ have  blithely engaged readers or listeners not knowing that they’re talking about two different ladies with sound-alike names. Remmy Majala and Doreen Majala are namesakes with mutual interests in broadcast journalism.

Remmy is a seasoned TV personality who until recently worked for Switch television. She quit barely six months after she was unveiled alongside other presenters who were hired to spearhead the entertainment channel. Prior to joining Switch, she worked at Mediamax-owned broadcast network K24 TV.

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Unlike Doreen who’s been on spotlit for merely thee years but has been embroiled in notable scandles like her much publicized divorce and unceremonious exit from Ebru TV — which really only reinforced her public image, Remmy is an ultra-conservative TV personality. She has been in the industry for slightly over ten years and is married to fellow journalist James Smart and are blessed with two kids.

Doreen’s fame hasn’t  just come out of talent but also charming beauty. While no one can deny that Ms Majala can eloquently present news in Swahili with admirable ease,  her field-reporting skills have often left much to be desired. She often has notable flaws while reporting live on location.

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Don’t be scared to dream big

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Remmy and Doreen’s social media accounts are specifically tailored to present the cohesive image of a down-to-earth but classy young woman. They interact with fans on Twitter and Instagram.

The two ladies have maintained a squeaky clean image over their career. Unlike other TV stars like Esther Arunga and Jaqcue Maribe, they haven’t had any public run ins with murder or other vices. The only controversies they have dealt with are dating rumors and break ups.