WATCH: Akothee thinks she’s fit to meet her crush’s mummy in new single

The Songstress is More Than Ready to Meet His Parents For The First Time


A lady meeting her boyfriend’s parents is definitely an exciting and necessary step in a relationship that looks like it’s headed for marriage, it’s also an utterly daunting and terrifying prospect. What if they don’t like you? What if you don’t like them?

If Akothee’s steamy music video is anything to go by, then we can confidently conclude that she’s just being herself. No pretending! It sounds corny, many may argue, but it’s a good depiction. One might feel the temptation, when meeting her boyfriend’s parents, to try to act the way she thinks they want her to.

Maybe they’re very conservative in terms of dress-code, and you grew up in an environment where sheer-dressing was the norm of the day, and you think you need to find a way to cover-up so as to impress them.

The single titled Muje is sexualized and it’s a depiction that whether or not pretending will make them like you better, it’s never a good idea to be fake or insincere, especially in this situation.

Watch the new single here: