Top 10 Songs by Sanaipei Tande

A guide to Sanaipei Tande's biggest hits of all time



Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei Tande roared on to the Kenyan charts at the age of 19 with the #1 platinum hit single “Leta Wimbo” back in 2004. Together with Pam Waithaka, and Kevin Waweru, the trio formed the group SEMA which won Coca Cola Pop Stars talent search.

A year later,however,the group dissolved and each member took a solo career but out of the three members only Sana has managed to remain relevant in the music industry.She has evolved into a compelling adult artist who ranges from Swahili R&B ballads to upbeat club music. This is a guide to some of her best songs.

  1. “Amina” (2017)

The song shows off her beautifully soulful vocals. This song led to Tande’s  nomination for Pulse Music Video Awards in 2017 for Best Female Artist. “Amina” topped radio charts, reached #1 on TV charts, and has amassed close to three million views on YouTube.

The music video for “Amina” was directed by Brian Muhando. It is shot in . The audio is exceptionally well produced by Fredrick ‘Dillie’ Wang’ombe under his production label, House of Dillie.

According to the singer, ‘Amina’ was inspired by the loss of her two close friends four years ago, a situation that has been experienced and can be related to by every individual.

The song concept is inspired by real life events has had Sana’s fans relating to the message behind the song: grief, happiness, and forgiveness. “It is important that my fans understand my music since I use it to speak directly to them, “ – Sanaipei Tande.

2. “Mfalme Wa Mapenzi” (2014).

Sana’s Mfalme Wa Mapenzi song got a lot of airplay in the local stations. Her sultry voice and powerful vocals put the former Sema group member’s song on top of the charts. This steamy music video totally captures every essence of the song. Sensual without being slutty, which is a very delicate balance.

3. Ankula Huu audio was first released in 2014 while still working as a radio presenter at Nation FM. The video was released in 2015.

4. “Geti Kali” (2013), featuring Jua Cali.

5. “Niokoe”

6. “Rastaman” (2015).

Released on October 9, 2015, this one is a love song on a reggae beat, a far cry from her usual RnB tunes. The song featured singer Ndegz as Sanaipei’s love interest. the songstress asks: Na kila anapotabasamu…ni kumbukumbu of our love! You got me asking so whaaat?  She goes on to add: “Marafiki wananena…mwanamme wa that nature…atakuchezeachezea!!!” .

7. “Najuta” (2009).

8. “Simama Imara”

9. “Kwaheri” (2007), featuring Jua Cali.