6 Kenyan Stars Who Always Seem Pregnant, But Never Really Are

Celebrity Pregnancy Rumors


These days, we speculate and gossip about female celebrities being pregnant when they are spotted wearing loose-fitting shirts, skipping the alcohol at dinner or canceling concert dates. But in reality, we can never really know the truth until the could-be mama confirms it herself.

Take Size 8 for instance —  tabloids reported last week that s she was expecting her second child with DJ MO. The said rumour gained credence after a video of the singer taking her daughter Ladasha to school emerged, which shows a bulging midriff.

The gospel singer, however, and not surprisingly so, has refused to confirm or deny whether she is with baby but we all know what that usually means, don’t we?

“I will not deny nor confirm but let us wait and see, time will tell..” the ‘Arise’ singer was quoted as saying

So, keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 other  celebrities who are constantly hit with pregnancy rumors:

  1. Wahu Kagwi
Wahu and Nameless

The legendary songstress is frequently hit with the pregnancy reports. Wahu, who has two children with her equally famous husband, Nameless, has been on the cover of numerous tabloids over the years, all claiming baby No. 3 was on the way.

The two have been officially married for 13 years. And as expected, speculation about the couple getting a third child has been rife.

Sometimes, pictures are taken and fans wanaona vitu zao and start suspecting she may be pregnant. Those pictures you see could be that she ‘ate’ a lot that day so her stomach was big. I am with her every day but I have not realised. But I don’t mind another kid. Siwezi mind a boy now that I have two girls, but we are still under discussions,”  Nameless told NairobiWire.

Upon being asked to confirm whether Wahu is indeed expectant, Nameless laughed and said: “I don’t really know but I will talk to her and ask to confirm by myself. Being in the public, you know that you are the target for scandals. So we are careful with everything we do, especially because we have a family to protect. So we try to balance and put family matters away from the media.

But due to the fact that Wahu herself hasn’t confirmed anything, we’re assuming the baby rumors will take a back seat for a little while.

2. Amani

Singer Amani

Cecilia Wairimu, also known by her stage name Amani has been facing pregnancy rumors since the mid 2000s when she was still a part of that A-list couple — you know, AY and Amani. However, after dating for three years, the two called it quits.  And now that she’s married to her Nigerian man , the baby bump claims are in full-swing. Sorry guys, no confirmed embryo yet …

3. Akothee

Akothee and her manager cum lover

She may already have five children with different men, but apparently madam Boss is always ready for more. Despite telling the media and her fans she’s “done” having kids, the 37-yeare-old business woman and entertainer is apparently pregnant every time she is spottedi hospital. She’s always rumored to be expecting baby number 6 with her handsome manager.

4. Avril

Adorable: Singer Avril shows off her baby boy

She almost managed to successfuly hide her pregnancy from the public eye. Avril’s uterus was always under scrutiny. It seemed like every time another blog was publishing that she was expecting a baby – even twins at times. Now that Avril is already a mother to a baby boy, the stories about rumored pregnancies have turned into one about the baby’s father!

5. Vera Sidika

The socialite-cum singer and entrepreneur has oflate been on the news for all the juicy reasons after her split with Otile Brown. Ever since she gained fame, bloggers have been assuming she’s expectant every time she has a new beau. Vera is big on Instagram with about a million followers, every time she flaunts her famous curves, people assume she’s pregnant.


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