Revealed: Doreen Gatwiri’s Monster Paycheck as the new NTV Swahili anchor

Doreen will replace veteran Swahili journalists Nimrod Taabu


Following an emotionally shattering divorce, TV darling Doreen Gatwiri is living proof her life after separation. The beauty who has been off showbiz and TV for a minute has found refuge in her career and  is reportedly joining NTV and everyone is excited.

She’s an accomplished lawyer, journalist, philanthropist and now she is set to make a comeback on TV in an evening Swahili news bulletin. A little bird whispered to me that Doreen will replace veteran Swahili journalists Nimrod Taabu who bid goodbye to the station after being poached by Citizen TV.

Doreen quit Ebru TV for claims of misconduct within the station which saw her end up on a live bulletin without makeup as is the norm with TV presenting.

If its true that she’s moving to Nation, then that will be a great chance to reinvent herself and plot a life of her own making. It will be an opportunity to pursue all the goals and dreams she kept on the back burner during her crippling marriage.

How much will Doreen Gatwiri earn as the new NTV Swahili anchor?

Of course, TV news stars don’t make it a habit of publicly disclosing their salaries. According to industry sources close to Doreen, the anchor is going to be one of the highest paid on TV.

Viewers—or potential viewers—are part of the calculation that goes into salaries. The value of an anchor also depends on how much advertising can be sold against his or her show, for example. While the size of the audience plays into that, so do the demographics.

Doreen’s show is expected to attract millions of relatively well off viewers, hence her show will command a premium for coveted ad spots. Advertisers pay a big premium for younger audiences. If she delivers the 18-to-35 or 25-to-54 age range Nation Media Group will remunerate her handsomely.