Doreen Gatwiri buys lunch and breakfast for fans as Madaraka Day present


Fans are always the ones that love and support their favorite stars unconditionally. No matter what the public figure goes through. No matter how they treat their fans. They’ll always be there for them. While they expect nothing in return, some of the celebrities like Doreen Gatwiri appreciate the fans’ existence in the best way possible.

There is no other Kenyan celebrity who acts better with fans than the former TV presenter. She spent her Madaraka Day engaging her fans on social media and once again she proved that she do anything for them buying  lunch to the first ten fans who answered her simple quickfire questions correctly.  She even asked for their phone contacts.

Happy #MadarakaDay my fellow Kenyans! I feel like buying Breakfast for the first 10 people who answer below questions correctly. 1. How many years since Independence? 2. What year did Kenya attain internal self rule? And 3. What Colony was Kenya under? Like what I did in 2016 & 2017 Free Breakfast/Lunch. Your mpesa no, Twende kazi my people

She wrote on her Facebook page.