New Music – ‘Boda Boda’ by Mabantu


Mabantu is an fast-rising Tanzanian boy band, comprised of Twaah Kane and Muuh Kajo who are both aged 17 years.

The duo started recording music together in 2016 when they released songs like ‘Sikutaki’ and ‘chapa Twende’ which did extremely well not only in Tanzanian charts but also in East Africa at large.

Early this year they were brought to the limelight with their single ‘Sundi’ after they met Tanzania’s MVP presenter Lil Ommy of Times FM who made their song go viral and hence making them a houseold name.

The flick which is directed by Tanzania’s topnotch cinematographer, Luca Swahili, highlights keenly reasons why they would like to ride on a motorbike with their loved ones.

The song, titled “Boda Boda” or commonly referred as commercial motorbike taxis, rhapsodizes all hardworking and loving women across the world that never fall in love because of materialistic gains.
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The mid-tempo Afro beats was produced by Kimamba known for hit records like ‘Papa’ by Gigy Mon

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