Millennials should find good balance in life

Blogging is a creative career and should be taken seriously just like any other profession


Gone are the days when I used to write letters to the editors of local dailies on brief topical issues. Well, I still do write letters once in a while, a handful of my articles got published and that gave me a feeling of satisfaction. A kind of pride that I cannot explain.

Enticing an editor of a national newspaper is no joke. When someone is doing is doing something passionately, you notice straight away. I think that is what the editors and my primary and high school teachers of English noticed from me. Part of my modus operandi back in high school was that I developed a culture of reading newspapers and magazines a lot. This improved my communication eloquence and essay writing skills. It set me ahead from the rest of my classmates.

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You see, every individual has something different that they can do better than everyone. I discovered that to be writing; incorporated it in my work and kept improving on it. By the time I completed high school, I knew this was my career path. I started blogging using a Blogger subdomain where I wrote for fun and connection but soon I started to grow a following of readers and later purchased my own domain.  I’ve been blogging for two years now and what  I have come to understand is that blogging is a long term business venture. I am in it for the long haul.

Successful bloggers don’t expect to make money quickly. I didn’t just start a blog to make money. Instead, I blog about a topic I truly enjoy and can write about for years to come. I’m letting the money grow out of that topic organically. Starting a blog with the only goal of making money usually leads to mediocre  content for readers and often boredom or burnout for bloggers.

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Let’s get it right; it is true that majority of bloggers, especially the upcoming ones like me, will always struggle before their breakthrough. That is the nature of business. It is always humbling, if not intriguing to imagine how back in the day established bloggers like Perez Hilton, Linda Ikeji and Millard Ayo side-hustled as waiters, receptionists and electricians just to make ends meet because blogging didn’t pay by then.

Things have changed. They are now established media moguls and can afford decent life and even create employment for other talented writers out there. They live in decent homes and drive state-of-the art cars. They have hit self-actualization, to borrow the words of of Abraham Maslow. Indeed blogging is now good business.

As much as I am still struggling and have a lot to cover in terms of putting in right policies and structures to ensure that I get full rewards from blogging.With over 300,000 blog visitors, it is prudent to appreciate the growth I have made and the credibility I have established for myself. In 2018, Britania Foods was the first Kenyan brand to notice me due to my consistency and zeal. The biscuit-manufacturer helped me clear my high school fee arears.

Blogging is a creative career and should be taken seriously just like any other profession. Social media and all those applications that come with the digital age are are the in-thing when it comes to social life and communication and even careers. As a millennial, it is my obligation to find good balance in life.

Even though blogging is my hobby, I have come in terms with the truth that success and joy in life is not pegged on the likes, the following, the comments and the traffic I get an my blog and social media in general. I want my work to determine my career and not really social media following. I’ve set my priorities clear.