David Beckham earns ‘more than a £1million a month and pays himself £35k a day


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Even though he retired from football four years ago, English football legend and businessman, David Beckham, pays himself  £35,000 every day and earns more than £1million a month.The Sun reported.
According to the reports, the 42-year-old father-of-four who is equally a model, withdrew a £12.7million salary from his image rights company in 2016, and he’s still currently enjoying bankable deals with H&M, Adidas and Haig Club whiskey.

David’s worth is estimated at £165million while he has gathered dividends of £45million over the past five years. He is still ranked among the top earners in the Premier League.

Following the financial findings, Beckham’s London-based Footwork Productions Ltd reported a £6.28million loss of sales in 2016, taking the company’s overall turnover from £14.3million to £8.02million.
According to Companies House records, his business has now £263,000 in assets in comparison to his weighty £7.21million in 2015. While the records also highlight that the former England Manchester United footballer paid £1.43million in tax on his income.

David Beckham who is one the most decorated and successful footballers in the history of football announced his retirement on the 16th of May 2013.

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