Marvel Unveils New ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Villains


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Marvel Studios released the blockbuster trailer forAvengers: Infinity War on Saturday. But it seems like that wasn’t the only big reveal from the 2018 Marvel Studios release.

When Thanos finally shows up in Infinity War to take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it looks like the villain (played by Josh Brolin) won’t be alone. As was teased at D23 Expo Saturday, he’ll be accompanied by the Black Order — and while the name alone might sound threatening enough, fans Marvel Comics know just how much of a problem they’ll prove to be for the good guys.

First, here are the images of four statuettes revealed at D23 (which the Marvel Studios tweeted out, along with the words, “Major reveal alert! The children of Thanos, with Thanos himself, Josh Brolin!”). They’d literally been covered in shrouds until the big reveal.