Lupita Nyong’o Goes on an Impressive Emotional Journey in one of Jay-Z’s 4:44 Teaser

Sensational Lupita

On Friday 30th, Jay-Z  released his new album 4:44, which also signaled the arrival of a new visual something starring Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o and Mahershala Ali. Ali also featured in the first teaser,”Adnis”, as a sweaty, shirtless boxer. Another teaser titled “Kill Jay Z” included a young
boy seemingly running for his life while wearing a shirt that says “stay
black.” Finally, we have our first glimpse at our girl Lupita: In her ad, titled
“MaNyfaCedGod,” she pulls off every physical expression of emotional
trauma and despair in 30 seconds (The single tear! The body doubled
over! The pain shooting through to the tips of her fingers! Her legs
trembling!) without even blinking. If there’s a screen-time requirement
for Oscar performances, it might have to be amended for Lupita. Watch the teaser below:

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