Angelina Jolie Visits Kenya in Comemoration of World Refugees Day

AP Photo/ Khalil Sensoi

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is in town.The iconic actress commemorated world refugees day by visiting 20 young girls who were separated from their parents and are now living in Heshima Kenya Safe House in Nairobi. The ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ star was named ambassador for United Nation High Commission for Refugees UNHCR back in 2001.


According to an article posted on UNHCR”s website, “the girls have fled extreme violence  and persecution in Burundi Rwanda,Democratic Republic of Congo DRC,South Sudan and Somalia.Almost all have suffered sexual and gender-based violence. Many have given birth,or are pregnant,after being raped.”
UNHCR/Mark Henley

“Over half of all refugees and displaced people in the world are women and children.How we treat them is a measure of our humanity as nations,” the 42-year-old actress reportedly said. This is Jolie’s third visit to Kenya. She first visited Mombasa back in 2005 with her then fiancee Brad Pitt, that was when they started having a fling.In 2009 she visited again for humanitarian course.

“On  World Refugee Day, my only ask is people consider the pain and suffering of girls like these.” Added Angelina who also visited International Peace Training Centre where she sensitized an ecstatic crowd on the importance of peace making.
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