Looming Beef! Otile Brown slams Bahati’s latest single featuring Eddy Kenzo

Bahati receives an award during a past Groove Award ceremony

I didn’t see this coming! Otile Brown is one of the least expected artists to stir up beef or even hate on other artists and this has come as a big surprise! The Niseme Nawe  hit maker took his Instagram guns blazing against singer Bahti’s latest project featuring Ugandan sensation Eddy Kenzo.

According to Otile, the new song is nothing but a bunch of trash with bad lyrics.

He added that Bahati’s vocals were terrible and he was willing to offer him free professional training and he should stop wasting his time doing collabos, telling his fans to stop lying to him.
As you would expect, Bahati’s fans came out guns blazing forcing Otile to delete the post. But my journalistic instincts made me take  a screen shot of his instagram post, check it below: