2017 Nairobi Film Festival



The first edition of the NBO Film Festival will be held over two weekends, the 26th to the 28th of January and from the 3rd of February to the 5th. The festival will demonstrate its commitment to the Kenyan film industry by showcasing Kenyan films and films with a notable Kenyan identity. The selection will scan post independence filmmaking and will feature films of note that not only highlight Kenya’s film journey but also its social and political path.
 The main feature of the festival will be the award winning film KATI KATI  – premiering at the festival on the back of its triumphant tour of festivals around the world.
 The festival will also feature other Kenyan films such as Battle of the Sacred Tree, award winning films such as Nairobi Half Life, From A Whisper, and new works including Mad Love. A catalogue of selected Kenyan short films will also be presented alongside the feature films.

The NBO Film Festival has been established with the aim of growing cinema-going audiences in Nairobi by presenting notable films from around the world. These films are rarely presented in Nairobi through traditional film distribution channels. We hope to expand the Kenyan audiences’ appreciation of films through their presentation in a lively festival format.

 The festival director Sheba Hirst believes that filmmaking is one of the most critical ways that modern societies examine who they are and interrogate who they would collectively like to be.
 Film director Mbithi Masya who is also the festival’s artistic director feels that films are best experienced with an audience – where you experience your own emotions as you watch the films but are also conscious of the reactions of those around you.
The team is dedicated to the presentation of the films in a manner that loyally honours the creative intentions of the filmmakers – sonically and visually by presenting the films using the best screening facilities in the city.
The films will be screened at the Prestige Plaza Cinemas and at The Elephant, in Lavington. Look out for screening information on our social media pages.
Courtesy nbofilmfest.com
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