Music Video Review :The Black Eyed Peas – #WHERESTHELOVE ft. The World


From the times of Martin Luther King jr, Mandela Nelson, Oginga Odinga, the realization of inclusiveness and equality has remained elusive. The Martin/Mandela generation identified racism and marginalization as the major social-economic ills that troubled not only America and South AFRICA BUT the entire world. The world is confronted by negative ethnicity and racism.

Innocent dark-skinned American are being killed almost every day by state officers, THE SPIRIT OF XENOPHOBIA HAS FIRMLY TAKEN ROOT IN South Africa, South Sudan ,Kenya, the Middle East and other parts of the world.

I came across a music video on You Tube titled WHERE’S THE LOVE and it features a number of A List superstars including, Fergie, Sean Diddy Combs, Mary J blige, Usher Raymond, The Game ,Justin Timberlake, Jaden Smith, DJ Khaled among others and one message they are trying to tell the world is that It’s only through collective endevour that we can get rid of this vice and propel the world forward. Life would be much more rewarding if every inhabitant of planet earth embrace regardless of tribe, sexual orientation, political affiliation, gender, and race embraced the spirit of LOVE and UNITY.

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