“Aka has gone a little bit too far by getting so deep into politics.” TV Girl Loothando Shosha says.


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South African TV girl lOOTHANDO SHOSHA is pissed off by celebrities who delve too much into politics. Speaking on Sobering podcast,the star discussed celebrities who endorse politics and naturally the conversation centred around outspoken rapper AKA, who has been vocal in his support of the ANC in the lead up to the municipal elections held this week. Comparing political endorsements to other brand endorsements, Loot noted that celebrities are often the face of a brand but may be wise to avoid getting into deep discussions about the brand and ethics.

“Kiernan was right in that rant, he is a voice, he is influencing the kids but then (he has to) show them the whole story… Kiernan’s business is just to be on the surface level of this thing, not to go in depth because you’re going to ask him things that he cannot answer. You guys are going to start wanting him to fix things. All I know is that this thing is a double-edged sword,” she said. And while AKA is just one of many celebrities who have flooded social media with messages of support for political parties, Loot says that she is not about to join them. “I try not endorse things that I don’t like or that I can’t stand for at a later stage, and the whole politics thing I stay very far away from. I say that because, from what I’ve picked up, from what I’m learning, it’s a very very dirty game that I do not want to play. I could be that political girl who is in the doeks and doing the most but that’s not who I am,” she said.