Adele and Taylor Swift are Music’s Top Sellers, Drake Leads in Streaming.

The pop-princess versus poised-princess attitudes of their productions set them apart not only as performers but also as individual artists. Taylor’s performing style is “taylor”ed for a younger audience, whereas Adele’s tends to attract a more serious one.

As part of Billboard’s annual Moneymakers ranking of music’s top earning artists, we are breaking out the Top 10 in four revenue stream sources: Sales, Publishing, Streaming and Touring.

Unsurprisingly, given the industry-bolstering success of 25, Adele tops this year’s top sales earner by a wide margin, earning over $9 million more in sales than Taylor Swift in second-place. Compare the rest of the rankings below.

Streaming is the primary revenue driver of the record business these days, and hitting its moving target is no easy task. Leave it to Drake, he of lint roller business-savvy, to dominate a nascent and mercurial revenue stream.

This article originally appeared in the May 20 and May 14 issue of Billboard.