Rob Thomas Apologises For Racist Joke in Melbourne

Rob Thomas is one of the most distinctive artists of this or any other era – a gifted vocalist, spellbinding performer, and accomplished songwriter known worldwide as lead singer and primary composer with Matchbox Twenty as well as for his multi-platinum certified solo work and chart-topping collaborations with other artists.

Matchbox’s 20’s Rob Thomas has apologized for racist joke in Melbourne: “I cried when I found out”
The band leader apologized for his insensitive joke made during his solo Melbourne show on Saturday,in which he said “I keep drinking until I think I’m a black Australian.”

The poorly worded joke immediately drew the ire of many indigenous Australians,including country music singer Tory Cassa-Daley who tweeted ” Rob Thomas always came across a smart Bloke to me,I guess I was wrong,”

However,Thomas said he was truly sorry for how the joke was delivered, “most of all to the indigenous people here.” He said he felt embarrassed he didn’t know the history and culture and would use this tour as an opportunity to change that.

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