Dah! Kanye West Calls Taylor Swift a ‘Fake Ass’


Dah! Kanye West Calls Taylor Swift a ‘Fake Ass’
The biff between Kanye West and Taylor Swift seems far from over. A newly released recording from West’s Behind The Scene breakdown on the set of Saturday Night Live shows that the rapper still has a lot of pent up hatred for his on-again, off-again nemesis.
The leaked sound bite, which was taken on the set of the NBC sketch show last weekend, is filled with expletives as he rants about Swift and the SNL production crew.
According to PAGE SIX, who obtained the audio clip, West was upset that crew members had ripped some shinny flooring from his stage because it was reflecting the over head lights and distorting the video wall behind him. The dad of two allegedly began yelling at staffers after seeing his set being altered minutes before he had to perform.
“Look at that shit that took my stage offer SNL without asking me,” he’s heard saying in the clip. “Now I’m bummed. That and Taylor Swift-fake ass.”
“Are they fucking crazy?” West yells before declaring himself ‘50% more influential’ than Director Stanley Kubrick, Painter Pablo Picasso, Drug Lord Pablo Escobar, and Bible figure Paul The Apostle.
“Do not fuck with me! Do not fuck with me! Do not fuck with me!” Sources say that SNL head Honcho Lorne Michaels had to step in to prevent West from walking out.    
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