Rapper DNA Vows Never To Work With Refigah


Popular singer and rapper DNA famed for his hit song Banjuka has finally  broken his long silence.The former Grandpa lead artist has released a new jam titled,Hivo tu uko,which he says is aimed at encouraging ladies to appreciate how they appear physically.

The song is an indirect attack of the likes of socialite Vera Sidika and others who are discontented with their looks and opt for skin surgeries,skin lightening,nose jobs, breast enlargement among others.

Speaking to Willy Tuva of Citizen FM,the star also set the record straight about his departure from Grandpa Records.

Upon being asked why he didn’t renew his contarct with Refigah’s stable,the star finally let the cut out of the bag and said that he had and still has personal differences with Refigah.

“Refigah and I have neiher seen nor talked to each other for the last two years.I saw him for the first time in two years at the Bingwa Music Awards,” said the rapper. However,he did not disclose the reason of his grudge against Refigah. “We used to be very close friends but our friendship was damaged  beyond repair,” he added.

He said he is not planning to be signed to any label and manage himself.The rapper together with his wife run a family business which he said acts as his side hustle.

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