Did Nonini Throw Shade at Lupita Nyong’o?

There seems to be a looming beef over accolades and recognition. Genge rapper Nonini has ignited a controversy this time dragging Oscar award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.
According to Citizen tv, the rapper juxtaposed the acting careers of Lupita and fellow Kenyan actor Edi Gathengi insinuating that Gathengi’s studded resume deserved more praise in Kenya.
“Lupita only did 2 movies and that got Kenyans really excited and proud of having one of their own in Hollywood But have Kenyans ever heard of Eddie Mua Gathengi?
He’s Kenyan and has been in more than 15 Hollywood blockbuster movies!” ranted the Mchezo na Ganji hit maker.


Eddie Gathengi, 36, was born in Nairobi Kenya and raised in California, USA. He has starred in several films including; X Men, Twilight, Blacklist among others.
Lupita, 32, became the first east African to win the coveted Academy Award for her exceptional performance in 12 Years A Slave. She has also starred in Nonstop; Star Wars; The Force Awakens ; The Jungle Book (not yet released) and also branded herself as a fashion icon.
She has been named as the face of top cosmetics company Lancômeand has been the cover girl of various fashion magazines like vogue, Elle among others.
One of Lupita’s fans told off Nonini. He said, “It’s not good to compare the two that is Lupita and Gathengi. You would have done better by telling us the achievements of Gathengi without dragging Lupita’s name…..”
“Eddie Gathengi is good ………………..especially if you watched the movie Criminal activities with John Travolta. If Eddie is to be famous and acknowledged in his motherland he will shine under his own stage light. You can’t switch off Lupita’s for his,” opined another fan.   
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